OT (after 4:30pm): $120/hour, Stat Holiday: $160/hour


Emergency call-outs occurring after 10pm (or running past 10pm) will be billed at Double Time or more should it be a Statutory Holiday.


OT (after 4:30pm): $90/hour, Stat Holiday: $120/hour


OT (after 4:30pm): $52.5/hour, Stat Holiday: $70/hour


At Trinity Plumbing’s discretion, small jobs may be scheduled at regular rates. Any emergency call-outs will be charged at overtime.

Drain Machine Charges

  • Small drain, handy electric
  • 2" or larger stacks, junior rooter
  • 3" or larger stacks/sewers, senior rooter
  • $35
  • $70
  • $105

Pipe Freezing Equipment


Video Drain Inspection


Underground Pipe Locator


Hot Water Tanks

  • 40 gallon electric, basic Re+Re, all Inc
  • 40 gallon gas, basic Re+Re, all Inc
  • 50 gallon electric, basic Re+Re, all Inc
  • 50 gallon gas, basic Re+Re, all Inc
  • $850
  • $950
  • $950
  • $1,250
  • 8 year warranty against leakage/1 year parts
  • Cost of permit/pulling permit extra if requested
  • New valves, drain pans, etc. if required, are charged as extra
  • Under extraordinary conditions such as excessive stairs, an extra fee of $75 or more may be applied for a helper

Hot Water Tanks Under Warranty

  • Basic Re+Re
  • $450

Truck Supply Charge

Will be added when disposables/incidentals are used: rags, garbage bags, glue, screws, etc. and is usually $25.





* Minimum charges apply.

** Travel time will be billed as required.

*** Rates are subject to change.